Kramnik, Vladimir - Adams, Michael



Contents Page Introduction 5 Chapter One: What Matters Most 7 Chapter Two: Habits 28 Chapter Three: Little Tactics 51 Chapter Four: More 70 Chapter Five: Sense 84 Chapter Six: Winnability 106 Chapter Seven: Easier 132 Chapter Eight: Comp 148 Chapter Nine: Knowing 169 Quiz Answers 191 45.d6

45. ... b3 46.d7 Qc6+ 47.Kh2 Qf3 48.Qe1 Qd3 49.a6 When you realize how important that h I -a8 diagonal is, this ending goes from being incredibly difficult to fairly routine. And note how little White had to calculate. He only had to visualize the position in the last diagram when he looked at the first one. That's just two and a half moves into the future. Anyone who aspires to be a master should be able to see that far, particularly when there are so few pieces on the board. By figuring out what matters most, a master strips a position down to its most important elements. Let's consider a case that comes straight out of the opening.

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