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On this page are links to what I'm interested and entertained. No chore time is my master, but my enemy is dwindling forces. I work daily in the garden with my dog between bees and I am then resting at a computer with internet access. I have fun also occasionally with Geocaching trips, photographing and studying and playing chess, solving quizzes and chess diagrams. Retirement is fun.
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Najdi taktiku

Najdi taktiku (unas)


  • Vezovky
  • Mastering Strategy
  • Grandmaster Strategy
  • 64 lekci strategie

  • Prekladatelsky nastroj
    Texty Beatles Preklady a texty pisni Prakticke rady
  • Cambridge Springs
  • Alekhine
  • Dutch
  • Pirc-Ufimcev
  • Rossolimo
  • Sveshnikov
  • Understanding Middlegames
  • What it takes to become...


    Velky WEB

    Obrazky: Kasalice, Ceska republika, autor: Emanuel Vesely

    Kvetena CR

    Dama proti vezi (show chess board)(hide chess board)